A True story of struggle, starring Karim Benzema

A true struggle story starring Karim Benzema 🙌

The next generation has the example they need to win the Ballon d'Or 🏆

Karim Benzema won the Golden Ball for the first time in his history after a busy season in which he succeeded in helping his team, Real Madrid, to win the Spanish League and the Champions League, despite the absence of the Royal from the nominations!

Benzema won the award and everyone expected that, especially since the World Cup was not taken into account. No one denies that what the player presented last season was not unusual at all.

But Benzema's victory in the Golden Ball opens the door to many things, the most important of which is the public's evaluation of the players and considering them "impairments" just for their absence from the roles that we assumed were the basis of their position in the first place.

Benzema won for those who play football and play complex roles that no one may feel, but when he won for them it was also because he played the expected roles from his position as a striker.